How I Lost Weight and Won Back My Life in the 90s

Imagine for a moment that you didn’t have access to the device that you’re using right now.

There was a time when the internet didn’t stretch it’s invisible fingers out to every corner of the world.

It’s hard to think of a time that we didn’t wake up with a whole world of information at our finger tips, but there was such a time and it was very different to what it is now. This was a time where video was well and truly killing the radio star – in 1995 the internet was simply a concept, an idea that had been created but not proven to be anything more than tech babble to the lay man. I was working for IBM in Stockholm after graduating from university and was desperately in need of some exercise

There were plenty of overweight people in 90s era Stockholm, unfortunately the TV screens and the advertising boards didn’t reflect that. All around me were building-sized images of perfectly tanned and toned individuals – this was a world that enjoyed showing you what you could have, but not showing you how you could get it: it was a little depressing to say the least. I didn’t need a billboard to tell me that I was overweight, I already knew that, I needed to be told how I could get back in shape.

My days back then were a little monotonous. After acquiring my first job, I’d slipped into the kind of 9-5 monotony that I assume thousands of others were also mired in. The fact of the matter is that there wasn’t really that much to do back then. TV was the only consistent form of easy entertainment worth a damn and even then you could accidentally find yourself watching something horrifying like this:

Between mind-numbingly weird television, microwave meals and working in the office – my life was quickly becoming a demoralising montage, where the only way you could perceive the passage of time was through my expanding waistline.

Thankfully, I managed to dig myself out of this hole.

When I bought my first bike I had no idea what I was doing. Well, I knew how to ride the thing but beyond that I didn’t know what gears to use, what equipment to wear or how to maintain my new toy.

I’ve no doubt that the sight of a man as heavy as I was puffing and panting on this bike was a real laugh for drivers on the same commute, but had they followed my progress over the course of the four years that followed they would have noticed that fat, struggling man was slowly getting slimmer…and faster.

I’m going to be recording my journey from fat to fit in this blog, starting with my first days on the bike leading all the way up to my current life as it is today.

I hope you enjoy reading my story as much as I (kind of) enjoyed living it!

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